Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My heart belongs to you..

You don't know
You can't see
What really goes on
Inside of me
My eyes shield
You don't know
How much i've cried
My mouths restricts
What i'd really say
And make u think
i'm perfectly okay
I know u tried
U mean well
But i have things
I'd never tell
To truly laugh
To really smile
Is something I haven't
Done in a while
U'll never know
How I really feel
I don't know how long
It will take to heal
Just know that
I still love u
After everything
That i've through
U'll never see
Inside my mind
I'm protecting u
From what u'd find
I protect u because
I love u so
This is my pain
u'll never know...

Thaxs 4 hurting my heart...

Thanks To reading Diz...


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